• Blockchain 3.0
    More Intelligent Contracts

  • Adaptive Intelligent MiningTM
    Saves Up to 60% Energy

  • Harmonic Mathematics
    Naturally Optimized Performance

  • UEX Wallet
    Customized, Interactive, Secure and Fast

  • Fully Securitized
    Virtually Impenetrable Blockchain 3.0

  • Rethinking AgTech
    IoT, Education and Engagement for Rural Farmers

  • Local Connectivity
    Your Wallet, Your City, Your Token

  • Laying the Foundation
    for a More Unified Generation

  • Direct to Consumer
    Brand Optimization, Intelligent Contracts

  • Support for SDG Goals
    Programmatic to Our Blockchain

  • Digital Media Chains
    Automatic Asset Management

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  • Platform for Smart Cities
    Integrate Services, Resources and Economy

  • Social Networks
    Decentralized, Sovereign and Private

  • Fitness and Health
    Incentivizing Active Behavior

  • Youth Education
    Reward Learning and Teaching

  • Harness Earth’s Resources
    Microgrids on Our Blockchain 3.0

  • Thinking Globally
    A Meta-Platform for All Peoples

  • The Operating System for a New Humanity


    Intelligent, Secure, Global and Philanthropic











  • Internet of Things
    Sensor-Driven Agriculture

  • Instant Transactions
    Tokens, Goods and Assets

  • Supply Chain Transparency
    From Makers and Creators to Consumer



The only fully-secure, scalable and philanthropic enterprise-class global blockchain platform.

Complete rebuild of the Blockchain core from the ground up, using advanced mathematical algorithms.

HTML5-based online wallet accounts are highly secure, platform independent and completely interoperable.

Exchange Headquarters being opened in the The Bahamas, the global crossroads of international commerce.

Create Smarter Blockchain Applications

Borderless, smart, secure, distributed applications for ecommerce, real estate, education, events, travel…if you can dream it, you can build it on the most powerful, most secure blockchain in the world.

Launch Your Token with Us

Unify Earth has built our own network from the ground up that is quicker than Lightning® and Electrum® networks. UEX transactions clear instantly and performance remains optimum even under heavy volume. Launch your token with our advanced technology.

Exchange Real Assets, Goods & Services Globally

Become part of our international network of exchanges and payment systems, bringing the world’s resources, goods and services to the people. We also invite non-profit and philanthropic organizations to join us.

Interactive Wallet

Our 5.0 wallet is fully programmable by our developers or yours, with a built-in block explorer and HTML5 compliant scripting language. Imagine your application and content running right inside the wallet.

“If you can conceive it, we can achieve it.”

Your Next Step:
Contact Us about setting up your sandbox account to prove your concept and build your dream.

Humanizing the Blockchain

Global Adoption
Designed as a universal payment rail, Unify Earth Network in 2018 finally combines the speed and efficiency of state-of-the-art technologies with the original vision of the blockchain.

  • Fast Enough for Daily Small Purchases
  • Enough Coins for Everyone in the World
  • Localization for Social and Governance

Vertical Integration
The UEX Coin is programmable currency designed to facilitate any transaction model worldwide.

  • Corporate Payroll
  • Asset Management
  • Consumer Services
  • Beneficiary Dispensation
  • Automated Remittance
  • Settlement Clearing

Financial Empowerment
Economic sovereignty assures independence from political and financial instability, and exorbitant fees, duties and mark-ups.

  • Crosses Borders
  • Convert to Fiat or Gold
  • Global Inclusion
  • Peer-to-peer Efficiency
  • Advanced Wallet Functions
  • Unequaled Securitization
  • Adaptive Intelligent Mining™

It’s Faster

Unify Earth has solved the issue with slow transaction times, making our coin suitable for everyday use. UEX transactions clear instantly and performance remains optimum even under heavy volume.

It’s Bigger

UEX transactions include a larger information payload for infinite powerchains and sidechains, and more intelligent contracts using our On-chain Scripting Language with new powerful commands.

It’s Greener

Mining on our harmonic algorithm uses half the energy, conserving natural resources and extending processor life, and actually increases in performance the more the platform is used, as opposed to other blockchains that just get slower!

It’s Benevolent

The mission of Unify Earth is to end poverty and lift up humanity worldwide through one sovereign, empowering, fair and inclusive system of exchange. We lead with values first, and support the United Nations’ SDGs.


Why Unify Earth?

With Blockchain 3.0, Unify Earth offers greater end-to-end security, more intelligent contracts and enhanced mining efficiencies while reducing power consumption by at least 50 percent. We are not just a next-gen meta-platform, but values-driven and human-focused organization with a with a strategy for unifying humanity with greater peace and prosperity, and the alliances to make it happen.

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Manifesto for the Future

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Unify Earth Solutions
with our Partner Organizations

See how our technology is being used in breakthrough applications
that solve the world’s most challenging and urgent problems…

Empowering, educating, and rewarding our youth for healthy activities and wise problem solving.

Working with governments across Africa and international donor orgs to deliver healthcare solutions.

Deploying state-of-the-art security and device-driven participation in mining technology.

Adaptive Intelligent Mining™: The Opening Act of Blockchain 3.0

Announcing our proprietary Adaptive Intelligent Mining™, a shard-based mining system that offers automated control over mining, to be fair and inclusive for all devices. With enhanced mathematical algorithms that create greater harmonics we improve security, speed and efficacy throughout our upgraded Blockchain 3.0 meta-platform.

With this fundamental upgrade, the true promise of the blockchain is finally being realized.

“The adaptive next-generation mining control algorithm avoids the oversensitivity of the Kimoto Gravity Well used in other blockchain systems. It avoids time-domain resonances or over-reactions that plague many other difficulty management systems. In short, with Adaptive Intelligent Mining™, the advent of new or different types of mining activity can’t produce an attack on Unify Earth’s Blockchain 3.0 integrity.”

John Brownlee
Patent Attorney

We Chose The Bahamas

…an ideal place to conduct global business

One of the oldest, most stable democracies in the Western Hemisphere, The Bahamas has more than 280 years of uninterrupted parliamentary democracy.

The Bahamas offers comprehensive financial products with advisors located there, and the relevant expertise. It is the best place for the operation of corporate offices and businesses involved in international trade.

The Bahamian financial sector’s innovation and flexibility is demonstrated by the ease of creating new financial and investment products which can be designed and customized for specific markets and clients, such as SMART FUND Products, The Bahamas Executive Entity (BEE) and the Investment Condominium (ICON) to name a few.

The Bahamas also provides international clients a jurisdiction to mitigate global political risks in their wealth planning as evidenced by Agreements reached with the USA on FATCA and other global regulatory issues and regimes. It is the preferred location for ownership of intangible assets, and is conveniently located in the same time zone as New York.

The Government of The Bahamas and the Grand Bahama Port Authority have together set their sights on making the Island of Grand Bahama the gateway to innovation and technology. They are focused on the development of Freeport as an offshore technology hub, similar to Silicon Valley.

The Bahamas offers the following:

  1. A tax neutral platform, with no income, estate, inheritance or capital gains tax, and no restrictions on the repatriation of funds. No forced heirship laws for domiciled assets
  2. Highest ranking nation for civil liberties and political rights by the World Bank/IMF
  3. Home to approximately one third of the world’s top 100 Banks, and easily accessible to international financial and global capital markets

“Right now we need the greatest miracle in the history of History. This isn’t just about being out of touch with the People. This is about being out of touch with the Wounded Earth. Without a balanced planet there is no economy. We need all the intelligence, speed and agility of Unify Earth and Blockchain 3.0, such that we can genuinely share in a world of unprecedented and universal abundance.”

Prof. Adam Trombly
Director of Project Earth

May 2018
Unify Earth® Masternodes and Software Deployment

June 2018
Global Wallet Activation: Announcing New Global Partnerships.

On the Horizon…

Unify Earth® Global Exchange Opens in The Bahamas


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“A fully decentralized global platform must be defined by empowered individuals eliminating corruption and fostering a fair exchange of value. Unify Earth has that in their Blockchain 3.0”

Michael MacKay
Hierophant of the Oceans

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